CD & Cassettes Retail-Ready

  Retail-Ready CD Packages made at (((PureSounD)))CD (1-500 units)

Retail-Ready CD & Cassette Packages (1,000+ units)
    (((PureSounD))) CD & Cassette Packages are made in a factory on the mainland that produces major label product. That insures your project's manufacture will have the highest quality control available in the industry.  CD's are manufactured much like vinyl records in that they are both made from a mould. The CD mould or "stamper" is made from the glass master. They are both made at the CD factory.  Nowadays the glass master is made from a pre-master CD (not a one-off CD, which has no subcodes that control quality replication).   At the end of a (((PureSounD))) Mastering session the digital data is transferred into pits that are burned into the recordable pre-master CD by laser on the CD recorder. The client receives a safety copy to play at home, office or car and after approval, the CD master is sent to the factory for replication.  Call For Prices.