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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

(((Puresound)))CD Maui

Slack Key Legend Uncle Sol with Chance
at PuresoundCD Studios 
in Kahului, Maui
      I know it's the same picture but since then I've released "Chance Gardner - A Slack in the Key of Integrity". It's a CD recorded live two nights by me solely becauser I had to express my feelings over the last year (2003) here at Puresound Studios.
"A Slack in the Key of Integrity" was recorded partly because of Uncle Sol. After I invited him to record a new album for Manawa Records he said "no, I've had my time, now the new people, it's their time to record the new music, you should make a CD of your modern slack key...." So I did. I recorded "A Slack in the Key of Integrity" for Uncle Sol ('cause I really wanted to leave him a legacy...because he had already been used and abused by the powers that be and he didn't want to be used as a tool for other people to profit from his talent and he said that his work at the Bailey House was more important; to teach, "because that is the way").

"A Slack in the Key of Integrity" is my personal statement. Recorded live to 2-tack without overdubs, etc. It wasn't even planned, I turned the recorder on and figured out the songs to play as I went along. The first night I turned on the recorder with 3 mikes: one on the acoustic(not acoustic-electric) guitar, one for vocals and one room mike and played what was on my mind. Recording in this way would make it impossible to overdub or fix mistakes in pitch or fingering (integrity). All the original songs except for "More in Love With You" were not written with Slack Key in mind but they adapted well to the format. In Traditional Hawaiian music and Slack Key the one or two verses are repeated and rarely do songs have a bridge. I tried to follow that while imposing a more western feel with travis picking and Delta Blues scales.

Manawa Records artists won 4 awards in 2003!!.   Since then add Bradda Francis's second CD Paniolo Ghostriders (2005 Best Paniolo CD), Chance and the BluesDaddies's Deaf Dog Blues (2004 Best Blues CD), Internacionales Pasteles (2004 Best Latin CD)...all in all since 2002 nine Hawaii Music Awards from "the little studio that could". These awards are extra special because they come from internet voting worldwide, not from a jury of club members.

Other news of note since the last newsletter (Who can remember?):

Patrick McDonald mixing down the new Knitters CD

Commercial work for Disney on Ice Australian Tour with James K. Ward as the voices of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger(Did you see him as the General in Spider Man?).

Also recording the voiceover on 5 national Saturn commercials with TV show Friends's Paul Rudd ("People first..."),also Mauna Loa radio ad with the voice of BRADO, one of our local treasures.


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